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Responsive design enables your site to be optimally legible on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. That is paramont for websites today because:

    • Over 50% of traffic to websites is now from mobile devices,

    • 80% of internet users own a smartphone,

    • Google's new algorithms rank mobile-friendly sites more positively.

It's easy to make your web presence mobile-friendly—we’re talking about responsive web design. Use Thill Design as your guide and you’ll avoid all those pesky cyber potholes. We’ll make sure your web traffic has a smoother road to a memorable destination, a website that rewards its visitors—and ultimately you as well.

If you’re not sure whether your site is mobile-friendly, go to Google's mobile-friendly test page and enter your URL. If it doesn't pass, call me.


SMO ain't that hard. With a little effort and diligence an SMO campaign can put you on the road to more prospects that grow your business. Most of you already have a FB page and probably a LinkedIn page as well. Other social media big hitters include Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and the list goes on.

Post to a selection that defines your audience at least once a week...and measure. Posts are tracked. Google search considers social signals when ranking a company’s website. Your venture will reap the rewards!

I'll be happy to do the leg work posting your social media. And I will set up tools for you to measure the benefit.

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Content is king.

You obviously have the most incredible product and/or service on the planet. But a product or service does not speak for itself. They deserve a strong, clear and concise voice that cuts through the clutter and delivers the strongest message. So put forward the best effort you can to make sure what you say about your product or service rocks.

I suggest you make the effort to work with a professional copywriter who can distill your thoughts into content that’s easy to understand and also motivates the site visitor to take the next step. I highly recommend Jason D. Sweet.